Hello beautiful Highlites, how’s life? I hope it’s wonderful. I’m doing good. The other day my friend and I were talking about, well, friends.

More specifically, the kinds of friends you could live with and the ones you can live without. The friends that have been in your life forever — since school age — and friends that you met since adulthood.

It’s healthy to have friends who represent the stages of your life and the paths that you’ve taken. It’s empowering to surround yourself with friends who know the whole you; a work friend may not know the same you as a friend from school years.

You need different types of friend like you need different foods from the four food groups. Different friends serve different purposes.

Here are 5 types of friends every woman should have in their life:

1. The Loyalist: The one that you can truly be yourself and you’re never judged. This friend hangs in there even when you’re not your best. 

2. The Risk Taker: The one that’s adventurous and full of life who helps to push you out of your comfort zone. 

3. The Comic: the funny comedian that keeps you laughing so hard that your tummy hurts through tough times. 

4. The Challenger: The brutally honest friend that’s not afraid to argue about subjects that you don’t agree on but can still remain best of friends. 

5. The Life Coach or Therapist: The one with the pep talks, always eager to encourage you to achieve your goals. This friend recharges your emotional battery until the next time you reconnect. 

Highlites, do you have a friend with each of these characteristics or are you one of these friends? 

Thanks for stopping by and until next time. 



Debbie Jones