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Hello gorgeous Highlites, i hope everyone is doing wonderful. I'm doing great! Since 2007, the women in my family take a Girl's Trip. That's right: we leave the men and the kids behind. 

This trip usually includes myself, my sisters, my daughter and my nieces. Most years we're fortunate that everyone gets to go but occasionally, only a few us will make the trip. This summer was one of those occasions. 

Las Vegas is a place where most of the girls have visited several times — but two of my nieces had never been. So we decided we would help them scratch the destination off their bucket list.

My husband and I were blessed to have purchased a Timeshare many years ago, so we use that for our trips. It eliminates a lot of the costs, which enables us to travel to our preferred destinations. (We haven't taken an international Girl's Trip yet, but it's in the works.) 

To make the trip fun each year, we design a T-shirt — usually in a different color. On the front, it's says the year of the trip with our ego names. And on the back, it's a road with all the places we have traveled.

What I enjoy about Girl's Trips — and why I think every woman (married or not) should experience one — is that It doesn't have to be anything fancy or elaborate. Our first trip was in Austin, a few miles south of our Dallas — where most of the girls live. We did that for two years and then we started to venture out to different places and a little farther away.

But a simple few days away from the norm with some women you trust is a special kind of cleanse. We have decided to do this every year, Why?

1. No Judgement: This is a time that you can truly be yourself. No worry about being judged for anything, you have free reign to do whatever, discussing every topic under the sun. From fashion, to makeup, to hair, to what funny happened on the last trip.

2. Relaxation: Girl's Trip clears your mind, de-stresses, and it enables you to come back to reality completely refreshed, all of which ultimately makes you a better you.

3. Total vulnerability: You don't have to wear makeup if you don't want to, cry your eyes out about a sensitive conversation if you want to, no insecurity about those 5 pounds you've gained. 

4. Boy Talk :) if you are 12, 25, 40 or 75 boy talk is a subject that never get old. single? who are you dreaming of being booed up with. Having amazing sex? Is he driving you crazy. Nothing is off limits. 

5. Girls spice things up: Awake all night with funny jokes, being goofy, dancing, singing — it's amazing. Weekends away help you live your best life, We all look forward to making plans for the next year.

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The back of Our T-shirts. On the front it has 2018 Girls Trip - Las Vegas. Highlites, do you go on Girl's Trips? And how fun are they? Thanks for stopping by. See you next time.


Debbie Jones