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Hello Highlites. How's the world treating everybody? I hope good. It is so much going on in this world today. The other day it was reported that Kate Spade (handbag designer) had committed suicide. Such a sad ending. We never know what a person is going through. We can be all smiles on the outside but crying out inside. It really brings that saying "money can't buy you happiness" to life. I can't say this enough that I never wanted my blog to be about fashion only. I truly want to inspire women to be happy with who they are.

I never want women to think they have to go out spending a lot of money they might not have on an outfit that I have worn or they have seen on another blogger. I want to encourage women to do their own thing and I hope by reading my blog they can be inspired, not only to look good but to also feel good.

I want to encourage women to shop their closet. I'm very careful to link a store where I have purchased an outfit because I don't want anyone feeling that the only way they can look good is by running to buy every trend that comes out.

For years, I was a compulsive shopper, just shopping for the heck of it. And much of that time I really didn't realize why I shopped so much, and I was in the need for nothing. I would always say shopping is my hobby. Until one day, hubby said "Honey, you have so much stuff."

I started to wonder if I shopped on impulse because I was trying to find happiness within myself? Is something wrong with me that I shopped so much?  Was I trying to keep up with all the trends? Was I making up for the time  lost when the kids were young since they were my then top priority?  

My closet seemed to bursting out of the wall from overload. I constantly moved stuff from one closet to another because I couldn't or wouldn't stop shopping. Adding  more and more stuff to a closet that was bursting out the wall from overload. I had closets and closets of stuff I didn't need, or even want. Each time I would go in one of the closets it was overwhelming — the struggle was so real. It was a struggle each morning just finding something to where to work, amongst all the stuff that I should have been able to just grab something.

Reports found that one in 10 women are depressed when they open their closet and 40 percent say they don't like what is in their closet. Continuing to  tell ourselves each time we enter our closets that we have nothing to wear, that was cause to go shopping for more unneeded stuff.

I started to examine myself and realized I can do without a lot of the stuff I have and still be happy. A few years back, as I got older, retirement seemed to be approaching quickly and realized the stuff really didn't matter anymore and I decided that I would shop my closets, wear what I have, I'm a true shoe addict having multiple shoes that at sometimes never worn. Yes, I still like to shop, but I limit the times and the amount of things I shop for.

With everything said here, I realize that happiness isn't of things, it's what you hold inside. It's what's in your heart, it's the people that are in your life, the way you treat people. Being kind. It's focusing on the right things and that is: Is God pleased with me, does he think I'm grateful for what he has blessed me with. Yes, I'm very grateful and no amount of clothing and stuff can make me as happy as the people that he has allowed to come in my life.

So the day that Kate Spade decide to take her own life,  I wish I could have been there to talk to her to tell her nothing is worth it. The pain will last only for a little while. We all have issues that we've learn to cover up so well. 

Some woman might be out there wanting to start her own blog and thinks she can't because she will have to keep up with all the trends. No be you, do you for you!

It's dress season, and I love it. In the pictures above I'm wearing a floral wrap maxi dress from Rainbow Shops, tassle heels, bag and hat all from my closet. Thanks for stopping by and sharing the love. And right back atcha!




Debbie Jones