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Hey my beautiful Highlites. Even though hubby and I are empty nesters we rarely have time to stay in and have a planned date night. It's usually heading out to the movie theatre and then to eat or vice versa. We both have full time jobs so on the weekend we're usually running around crazy trying to do errands and do things that we don't get a chance to do through the week. And then hooking back  up after later..

On Friday nights we normally have our grandchildren — since they have been in this world, Friday night has been their night. But this past weekend it was all about the honey and me. We didn't have the kids this past Friday night because I went out after work to celebrate a girlfriend's birthday but Saturday was our day.

Saturday morning we got up, I did a little cleaning around the house. One day the early part of the week, we noticed there were bees flying around the front door. Well, they had made a beehive in the roof so we had to have a beekeeper to come out to take care of that problem. That was most of the morning and early afternoon.

We grabbed a bite to eat and we were going to go to the movie later but we decided to stay in for movie night. It was so fun, normally when we stay in and watch movies it's in our pajamas. We stepped it up a level and stayed in and actually kept our clothes on that we were going to wear to the movies. And instead of watching the movie on the couch, we laid a blanket on the floor with candlelight, wine, popcorn in a bowl, and we have a bedroom canopy that I purchased long ago, I put that up, we laid on the blanket under the canopy in our own world.

After the movie was over, hubby presented me with a love story that he had written, it was all about us. (He is a creative writer), We hadn't done that in such a long time because we get caught up in life and the fast pace of life that we just go for convenient, instead of doing things that takes time and thought to put together. It was such a romantic night. No special night, it was a just because night.

How do you and your guy break the monotony of every day hustle and bustle? Is date night at home a little more work than actually going out? What do you guys think?

This shirt dress was purchased a few years ago. It fits me a little different because I have lost weight since the last time I wore it, but I love the color. The bag and shoes were from my closet.

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your time. See you next time. Be kind.




Debbie Jones