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Hello beautiful Highlites. I hope everyone is doing well. What's making me high? Should you ask. The other day I was watching The Ellen's show and at the end she always say be kind to one another. It got me thinking how often are we kind to ourselves.

Because we can't be kind to anyone else if we are not showing ourselves compassion and grace. I wondered how often do we say things about ourselves. Not bad things because I sure we can speak on our flaws and talk about them all day.

I'm talking about speaking to ourselves in a way, if someone walked by they would think we were talking to someone because of the wonderful things we were saying about ourselves. Saying things that will make us feel good about ourselves does not mean we are so into ourselves.

When we feel good it can rub off on someone else that isn't thinking so good about themselves. It is very important for us to say positive things about ourselves each day throughout the day.

I know that sometimes it's difficult for us to find the right words to describe ourselves because we are so use to making everyone else feel good. But I think we should start each day by saying five good things about ourselves. just to start the day off on a positive note.

I would like to share some of the words I say to myself after my husband and I say our morning prayer. I have to say these things about myself because I don't want anyone to try to tear me down with their negative thoughts about me. I'm gorgeous, I'm friendly, I'm thoughtful, I'm grateful, I'm positive, I'm confident, I'm powerful, I'm loving and I believe in myself.

I challenge you to say five good things about yourself when you wake up in the mornings, I guarantee you, you will have a great day because it starts the day off so positive. What are five good things you can say about yourself? Think about it!

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Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for following me. You are beautiful! Be kind to yourself. See you next time.



Debbie Jones