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Hello beautiful Highlites! How is life treating everyone? Marvelous I hope. Well today what's making me high is why there are no limits or rules on what to say, do and wear over 50. Fashion is a form of art and creative self-expression.

I've always been the girly type, being stylish and fashionable as far as I can remember. In my younger years as a teenager, I  always wanted to be the trendsetter, wanting to get first of every trend that came out.

From jeans, tops, dresses, to shoes but I had a style of my own. My mom said "I was the hardest to shop for, the youngest out of six girls. When I became an adult it seemed like my style was limited when I started to work in Corporate America — there was the skirt suits with hose and the pantsuits with the button-down shirts and closed-toe shoes.

But when I started working for one of the largest companies almost 20 years ago, there was no dress code. I was in heaven: Finally I could really let my personality come out. I still wanted to look stylish but yet  professional,  but also not so overdressed that I stood out from everybody else but that's basically what happened. 

There were no more suits, no more pantyhose, no more closed-toe shoes. And at that time I was coming out of my thirties and I was feeling like I had found the fountain of youth because my taste for what I liked change drastically. 

I was wearing dresses with strappy sandals almost every day to work. And then when I hit my late forties into my fifties I wanted to wear jeans everyday with cute tops and heels. Still loving dresses and skirts but not so much in the winter.

I'm still trendy but I also love to wear what I want not putting an age on anything I like. I like shopping my closest also because there is so much in there that I still adore — classic and trendy pieces, most of all my heels seem like they never go out of style.

So, when you are out shopping and dressing your age forget the rules. Today's fashion is all ageless styling, it's about who you are and how you feel. What makes you feel fly, fashionable and stylish. It's that Anything Goes Attitude that's the new trend.

Now to a trend that I'm loving so much: polka dots The craze is everywhere. And I have so much polka-dot clothing in my closet it's not even funny.

Polka dots are a huge trend for spring/summer. They're having a major moment this season. There are a variety of styles for the polka dots trend. From micro dots to bold graphic spots, dresses or tops whatever rocks your boat.

Are you on trend this season? I hope that you like who you are and what you put on everyday. Don't let anyone dictate what you should wear. Wear what you like and what you want.

Thanks for stopping by, sharing some of your time with me. Be blessed, love yourself, be yourself for yourself. And be kind.



Debbie Jones