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Well Hello beautiful Highlites. How is everyone? I hope everyone is doing wonderful. It's been a while. I've had some bumps in the road of discouragement, lack of consistency, lack of confident, even wanting to give up on my blog but my family are my number one fans, they are my rock, they encourage me to keep on.

My one year anniversary was such a milestone. It was exciting to reach because I honestly thought I would give up. So I would like to share some things that I've learned in my first year of blogging:

1. The number one thing that I constantly hear from bloggers from all walks of life is consistency, how important it is to be consistent. Even though it's something that I haven't been in the last few months, I'm excited to reset and bring you some incredible content moving forward. 

2. Commitment and Time: I ask myself how committed to my blog am I. Is this something that I really want to take out of my daily schedule to commit time to doing this? Blogging takes a lot of time because there is so much that goes into it.

3.How important it is to have blogger friends that understand your struggle and is there for you when you want to give up and I'm there for them to encourage them to keep on. Most bloggers that have been doing this for years inform me that you have to encourage yourself because it can be lonely. But the blogging community can be amazing! I connect with beautiful, wonderful, confident women everyday. I LOVE IT!

4. The importance of staying true to myself and my followers. Doing me and being myself. And that finding my niche can take time. Having things to talk about but wondering if my followers are interested.

5. And that the thought of quitting and giving up is normal, but the key is to keep doing what you love because you have to love it and be passionate about it to continue.

 I'm looking so forward to connecting and building relationships with the most supportive, wonderful, thoughtful, fabulous. and beautiful followers that have. I thank you so much for the time and the likes, the comments that you share with me. And now it's on to another year of great things and more fabulousness. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!


Debbie Jones