What Brings You Joy?


Hello beautiful Highlites. ‘‘Tis the season for joyous moments. There are so many ways that we can bring joy at this time of the year.

Giving back is always a good way to create joy for ourselves or someone experiencing hardship. Throughout the years, husband and I have chosen a family member, or a church member’s family, or a child from the Angel Tree to give back to. It’s always so gratifying to see the smiles on children that thought they wouldn’t be receiving anything for Christmas.

And donating time at my church preparing turkey baskets and making blankets to donate to children of orphan homes or making baskets filled with socks and toiletries to give to those in need makes my heart and soul smile. I always look forward to this time of the year.

What are some things that you do to bring you joy or that makes your heart smile this time of the year or even throughout the year? 

Thanks Highlites for stopping by and until next time have a great day. 




Debbie Jones