Hello beautiful and stylish Highlites. How are things? I hope everyone had a fantastic blessed holiday.  

The month of December is a busy-busy month for me. I celebrated my birthday and our wedding anniversary — all while hubby is super busy at work making sure you guys receive your packages … and then, of course, there is Christmas. 

I turned 57 years old a few weeks ago. And it feels like as I’m getting older, my style is evolving drastically. I remember I would get all suited up for work, all decked out in my dresses and skirts with heels everyday for work.

But since I’ve gotten older, I don’t want or even think or feel like the fuss of getting dressed up in the mornings. I’m at that stage in my life I want to live simple without the fuss. I’m loving the effortless style.  

I’m living in jeans and sweaters and my heels of course. I love the chunky sweaters.

Purging and getting rid of stuff for the New Year to continue to live simple. Every new year I declutter, giving things away.

Fashion experts say women styles change approximately every five years, and the older a woman get she is looking to live and dress simple. 

We still want to be stylish, beautiful, fly, comfy, modern but low key without the fuss. Simplicity is beautiful!

Yes, I still love to occasionally dress up, it’s still a laid back simple dress up, but oooh I’m loving the new Debbie. No fuss style. Highlites, has your style change over the years? Or do you like your already style?   

In the pics above I’m wearing a chunky sweater with a men button down - tucked in, jeans and repeated heels. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 



Debbie Jones