Hello beautiful Highlites. How’s everyone? Well, today is the BIG day.! The day that our lives can change in so many ways. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the midterm elections. 

I voted the first day of early voting. I was happy and excited to feel that I could make a difference in who would be elected and which direction our country will go.

I vote because there is so much at stake. I vote for the future of my grandkids. Anyone that thinks politics has nothing to do with them or it’s not their thing, well I’m sorry to say: It has everything to do with you. 

Our country’s sense of peace and prosperity has been overshadowed by so much violence and conflict the last few weeks. America just doesn’t seem like America anymore.

Women rights, human rights, civil rights, education, taxes, labor rights, pay raises and healthcare are just a few of the hot-button issues that hang in the balance. So if you think politics has nothing to do with you. I beg to differ and ask that you get high on life and get out to vote today your life depends on it.

I stepped out to vote in this stylish red and black OOTD. This bumper jacket in my coat closet but it belongs to my daughter, black leggings out my closet, boots and hat also from my closet. I love styling straight out my closet. When my Highlites on social media ask me about my style, I always tell them that I like different. I love to mix and match eras, textures, price points, patterns and prints — it’s so much fun to combine pieces until I find the perfect look. 

Moral of the story, Highlites? Don’t be afraid to wear what you like. Because you don’t have to wear what everyone is wearing how everyone else is wearing it. Dare to be you!

And on that note; Get high on life and go vote. Let your voice be heard — it feels super good.

Thanks for stopping by and see you next time.



Debbie Jones