Five Tips For Holiday Peace

Peace sweater and shiny gold skirt @Image, shoes by Lillian and jeans @gap diy cut off. 

Peace sweater and shiny gold skirt @Image, shoes by Lillian and jeans @gap diy cut off. 


Hello beautiful Highlites! Well, the holidays are upon us and they crept up on us pretty fast — this year flew by, huh?

Even though there are fun and exciting things happening during the holidays, there are people who are experiencing sadness and stress and longing for joy and peace during the season.

We feel pressured because we have unrealistic expectations about what can be done. From events to travel to shopping and hosting, it’s easy to succumb to the overwhelm that this time of year brings.

With all these added demands, our cheerful disposition can quickly turn to bah humbug. But here’s some good news: Finding that peace of mind is possible if we take the correct steps. Here are five ways to help ease your holiday stress and to find that peace:  

1. Plan ahead.
Keep things simple. Try to complete things in advance so you can relax and visit with family. 

2. Stay within your budget.
Finances can be a huge stressors. So set a budget and stick to it.

3. Take care of yourself and seek support.
Don’t forget to practice self-care and talk to family and friends about how you feel. 

4. Practice empathy.
Focus on how others are feeling and extend yourself with sympathy.

5. Focus on the spiritual.
Even if you are not inspired from other people and outside events during the holidays, don’t criticize, inspiration is an inner quality. 

These five points give you a personal agenda for a peaceful holiday. 

Don’t shop too much, Don’t eat too much but do enjoy family and friends too much! 

And remember: Stress is a choice, and so is Peace. 

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for stopping by. Until next time, get high on peace. 



Debbie Jones