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Hello Beautiful Highlites. I hope everyone is having a great week. Today I'm wearing this faux fur coat and metallic boots. It's faux fur season and I just can't get enough of it, as well as the metallics.

The faux fur, it's glamour, warm and luxe. And this winter, you'll definitely be seeing scarves, vests, collars, handbags, hats, coats and jackets. Fur has always been fashionable. It's very easy to pair with essentials like jeans and evening looks. You can dress it up or down. Either way is stylish.

Fur coats are super trendy this season. It has so many options to choose from. The best thing about is it's versatility. And hey, while looking fashionable and stylish you are also keeping warm.

And the best thing is that the vintage faux fur is just as stylish as the more up-to-date ones. I think wearing the faux fur is chic and glamorous by itself so it's very important and necessary to keep your look simple.

And metallic is also a big trend, coming in a variety of things also, such as shoes, handbags, dresses to name a few.

So highlites: It's not too late. Head out to pick you up a faux fur anything. Thanks for stopping by and see you next time.


Debbie Jones