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Hello lovely Highlites. What's going on? Did everyone have a wonderful weekend? I had a good one.

When my son relocated from Texas to New York City, I transformed his room into my very own Diva Room. His room was bigger than my daughter's room (I'm sure why he got the bigger room). But now I'm ready for a different look. I've been working on changing it up.

This weekend, I bought a few things and kept some of my favorite things that I had in it. I painted a little bit. When I first turned the room into my diva room, I painted all walls a soft pink except one side and I wall-papered it black and white zebra print.

I'm trying to decide if I want to paint the walls back to the original color (which was a off white color and take the wall paper down also. So with me changing the room that meant cleaning the closet out and releasing some stuff.

I donated five bags of clothes, shoes and handbags—and still have more to give away. And in the process, I discovered some pieces worth holding on, like this purple faux fur vest that I'm wearing in the pictures above. I thrifted it last year but hadn't worn it. (This statement piece still had the tag of $5.57 on it!) 

Well Highlites, stay high on life this week. And thanks for stopping by and see you soon.


Debbie Jones