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The other day while watching the news, a segment about CVS and it's beauty products. The changes they were about to make and the reason for it.

CVS stated that touchups on their makeup photos were a thing of the past and the reason because of young girls and young women feeling about themselves after they see a touchup photo in their stores.

Their spokesperson said "that more girls are turning to you tube because they see women and girls that look like them." She also said that "a couple of statistics that really hit the CVS drugstore chain was that 80% of women feel worse about themselves after looking at beauty ads, and 42% of girls in grades one through three want to be thinner".

CVS thinks if girls can go to the store and see women that reflects authenticity, they'll feel better about the store chain, trust them and do more business with them. Girls want to relate to people who have their own imperfections and feel empowered by the fact they look like these women on you tube.

What do think about CVS' decision to not altering photos to promote beauty products? Do you think it will be something good for young women and young girls alike? Do you think they will feel better about themselves if they see women on photos with all their flaws? Hit me up on my Instagram page or comment below and let me know what you think.

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