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Hello beautiful Highlites. Today is the launch of my new series of What's Making Me High? Each Wednesday, I'll be writing about a variety of subjects, things that's on my mind, or what's happening in the world, fashion, health,  finances, everyday news, love, a little bit of everything and I'm hoping to get feedback from you all.

When I started my blog, I started it with the intend to bring some good, some smiles, some inspiration and to empower you who follow me. I didn't want it to be all about fashion.  I hope to help someone along the way.

So today, what's making me high? Last week as I scrolled my Instagram feed, I kept coming across this article about this company and it's lack of representation of Women of Color bloggers. There were several WOC top and veteran bloggers who were feeling a type of way because they felt like WOC had been left out of it's campaign. And I understand their feeling of working hard and not being recognized.

But what made me high, some of the top WOC bloggers were saying we have to stick together because we are in this together and that we are all we have. And none is better than the others. That we have to support one another the top bloggers and the small bloggers (that's just started out) the same.. 

I thought, "Do we really support one another?" and how some of the small bloggers may feel when they see the top bloggers with over 5K+ followers but they are not even following half of that number or even close. It made be wonder where does the support come from?

How do we support one another if we can't get love from one another, do we support each other by complaining when we are left out of something, what does support mean, how do we get it. Do you have to be in the cliques to get it, be girls in the it crowd? Why can't WOC really support each other, help each other climb the ladder or not even that just hit back with follow back or like or comment.

I follow one top blogger and she is really good, good things are happening for her and she is always giving her tips on her she does this and that, how she makes photos that she takes with her iPhone look professional. And I know a lot of bloggers make a living on how they got to the top and their not going to just give info away or share it, but where does the support come from?

This was one of the things that made me high this week, how do we show love to one another in the blogger world? I would love to hear your feedback and questions on this subject. Is it too sensitive of a subject for us to have or are we really in this together? Hit me up on my Instagram page or post your thoughts below.

Thanks Highlites for stopping by, sharing your thoughts in advance. Have a good day and see you soon.


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