Hello beautiful Highlites. Highlites, I have been so stressed and depressed for the last few months. It has been really hard. I'm really trying to shake it. I don't know if y'all remember me talking about me testing for a new position at work and that I didn't pass the test. Well, it has really been beating me down.

Things are so different on the job, and I'm really different too. I studied so hard for that test  and I tried my best to pass it. I really let it get the best of me. So much that depression has set in and I tell y'all it's got a hold of me.

Yes, I'm a believer and I trust in God that no other than him knows what is best for me. My husband and I pray for me, for him, for us because it has changed me in a way that I would have never believed.

I always thought I was a much stronger person than I have been of late. I'm always the life of the party—I like to laugh, act silly but right now: I feel like a total failure.

Honey is always telling me he doesn't like the negativity that I've been showing because I'm always so positive about life. He tells me that the test nor the job defines me. I am who I am with all my good qualities that I had before the testing.

But if there's anything that can pick me up, it's getting dressed. So how about we talk about some personal style?

Camo is one of the big trends again this season. One reason it's so popular is because you can wear it like a neutral. And you can dress it up or down—from jeans, to jackets, to shirts, to shirts and even dresses.

The key to looking chic and not mistaken for a soldier or hunter or one of the Duck Dynasty characters, is to wear camo with something dressy.

I purchased the jacket I'm wearing at my favorite thrift store a couple of years ago. I kept it simple with jeans but jazzed the look up with a pair of rose gold heels. 

Want to recreate the look? You can do so without breaking the bank. Just head out to one of your nearest thrift, vintage or Army store and pick you out something vintage.

Thanks my wonderful highlites for giving me the space to share some of my personal life with you. Have a great day. :) 

Debbie Jones