Hello beautiful Highlites. I hope you all are doing grand. In this picture I'm wearing a tee with a body con skirt and basic black booties. Is age really just a number? If so, why is it that many women don't like telling their age? When my husband and I went to grandparents day with our two grands, we sat at the table with a set of grandparents that was there with their grandchild.

The grandmother kept looking at us smiling and finally she said "you all don't look old enough to be grandparents, honey." I said "yes ma'am, we are old enough to be grandparents." She looked at me as if she wanted to ask our age.

I said, "We're in our mid fifties". She said "Oh My a woman doesn't usually tell her age". I said to her "I'm not ashamed to tell my age because I'm blessed  and grateful for my years.

So it got me thinking: Why is it that we as women shame from telling our age after we hit our late twenties or early thirties? I asked a few of my friends, Each of them gave me the same response: Judgment—of our appearance or if we're trying too hard to hang on to our youth, if we've accomplished enough at this point of our lives, and if we "have it all together." (Whatever that means...) 

I'm more mature, experienced and seasoned on a lot of things the twentysomethings haven't experienced yet. So there is no comparison. I think we should embrace our youthfulness and shout it to the world our age. Who cares? It's only a number. We are what we make of our lives—age simply doesn't matter.

And I always say, age is no barrier. It's just a limitation you put on your mind... 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. See you next time.

Debbie Jones