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Hello beautiful Highlites. I hope everyone is doing great. With everything going on in our country, I thought I would share some Love to some of my favorite bloggers and Instagramers.

You can call it National Share the Love Day. I made that up, of course. :)

So today, I'm showing some support and appreciation for 20 bloggers and Instagrammers that I truly love. And I've linked you to their profiles so you can see why I'm so obsessed with them. They are the type of ladies I would want to be around and spend a day with. And while you're at it, be sure to follow me on Instagram too! (@livinghighonheels)

1. AnchorsNLace: This blog is built on fashion and faith. She has a strong love for God and her husband is passionate about healing others--one patient and soul at a time. Her blog is very fashionable, inspirational and motivating. I like her posts for the fashion and the inspirational reading. She is always sharing a special reading that is from her heart. And we chat as if we have been knowing each other for ages. Worth checking out.

2. The Brown Closet: Based in St. Louis, Shonte is a wife, mother. and fashion/style coach. Her mission is to help women look their best and make smart choices when shopping. And to feel confident knowing that no matter their occupation or economic status you can look fabulous. I like her blog because she is thrifty but fabulous.

3. Chic Classy Spicy: I'm inspired by Tracey's dedication to women's empowerment (not to mention her youthful glow). The DC-based blogger focuses on unapologetic living, personal style inspiration. I'm obsessed with her blog because she lives fearlessly through her style, sweet spirit and her Grateful 4 segment.

4. @divinedivastyle: You'll love Shantile's Instagram page because she is oh-so-stylish and would look super fab even on her worst day. It's a good day for the 'Gram when this diva shares her beauty with the world.

5. Embracing The Real Me: Carserda shares her life and experiences in hopes to inspire someone. I love this Atlanta-based blogger because she's so authentic when she writes about her life.

6. Fashion Pad Blog: What do you get when you put combine a pharmacist and a shopaholic? A blogger from Florida who's a true fashionista. But once you see her blog, you'll discover there's more: She loves to read, dance and listen to music. My kind of girl! I like her blog because of the way she just pops up on any given day in one of her stylish outfits.

7. The Age of Grace: As you can tell from the name of Eugenia's blog, she is about all gracefully aging. The Pennsylvanian has been married to her husband of 32 years and loves fashion, black-and-white movies and museums. I like her blog because she is fashionable and she really is aging gracefully.

8. Haute Grey Fox: I gotta show my 50-plus sisters some love. Especially those who love fashion, food and traveling as much as I do. This blogger hopes to inspire others to live life to the fullest and to be inspired by those who are chasing their dreams. I like her blog because of her fashion sense and she is living her life out loud!

9. @julieminear: Julie is a wife, mom and a blogger who loves fashion, beauty and kindness. I like her blog because she wears some of the cutest dresses and I would like to raid her closet.

10. Lindsey Gene: Lindsey is a DMV-based curly girl in a straight world. She loves to travel, art and business. I like her blog because of her style and that hair is giving me life!

11. @mystyle_is_real: While she isn't a blogger, she's a Christian and a special educator. I like her page because of the colorful and professional wardrobe.

12. Opal By Opal: Opal is based in NYC and blogs about fashion, beauty, love, life and everything in between. Her purpose is to simply inspire the uninspired. One of the ways she does it? Through her modern, up-to-date fashion-forward style choices. 

13. @paula.darcy: Paula isn't a blogger, but she's the new face of the 60-plus crowd. She encourages her followers to dream big--and leads by example. Her Instagram page showcases how chic she is. So gorgeous!

14. Queen Of Sleeves: Nneka is a fashion blogger who started her blog to inspire herself and those around her to be confident, chic, and fashionable. She has a general rule: she doesn't do sleeveless. You'll have to check out her blog to find out why. I like her blog, even with that general rule she still looks like a diam and shines like one too.

15. RunningNStyle: Another one of my midwestern faves, Renata hails from Wisconsin. She started her blog as a creative outlet. She also sews and she has a YouTube channel. She thinks of herself as a dynamite, ready to ignite and burst into flames with ideas. I like her blog because to make my own clothes is a dream of mine and for her DIY fashion on the run.

16. Square Pearls: Elaine is a 50+ gal living in NYC. She is a personal blogger obsessed with fashion and reinventing herself. Her goal with her blog is to inspire, connect, and challenge you to live your most authentic life. I like her style, it's casual but very sophisticated and chic. And in case you are wondering how the name came about, well head over to her blog to find out. I love it!

17. The Chic City Girl: This fashion-obsessed go-getter is one smart cookie. We share a love for vintage and scarves. Needless to say, she's a girl after my own heart. :)

18. @va_fashionista: A woman of many facets: Grateful, gracious, classy, intriguing, living, loving and laughing. I love this 40-plus beauty's page because of her sophisticated style..

19. What Would Wu Wear: Like me, Kathleen is based in Dallas and in her 50s. Her interests include art, fashion, sports and travel and self-improvement. I like this lawyer's blog because her goal is to bring a bit of spirit and sparkle.

20. Zayna Amor: Keira is a personal blogger from New York. She loves fashion, travel and enjoying the finer things in life. Her style is sophisticated chic with a hint of sexy. I like her blog because her wardrobe is filled with classic pieces and wherever she is, it will always be fun and of course....fashionable. She is fierce! 

So Highlites there you have it: a list of 20 wonderful bloggers and Instagrammers for you to enjoy.

Head over to their pages to check them out. You won't be disappointed for each one of them have something special to offer. I do follow lots of veteran bloggers but I wanted to share some mad love for bloggers like me. Stay tuned you could be on the next list of 20. :)

Have a good day and see you next time.  

And never forget how good it feels to hear something positive about yourself. So share the love.

Debbie Jones