Hello beautiful Highlites. I hope everyone is living high on forgiveness. Are you a person that forgives quickly or do you tend to hold grudges?

I'm usually someone who can forgive and move on to the next moment, next hour and the next day. But lately, I've been going through some things on my job that is hard to swallow and  get over. But I know I will have to so I won't block my blessings.

Sometimes when we don't forgive and move on, we can cause our hearts to get hard. And when we become so tough holding on to grudges, we become so wrapped up in past wrongs that we can't enjoy the present. Always on the defense, not trusting anyone, and thinking of revenge.

But once we realize that forgiveness is not for the person that wronged you, it's for you. It empowers one, even as it disempowers the other. What i mean by that is when we allow a person to hurt us, we think about it every waking moment to where we can't enjoy life, we've given them power. 

Forgiveness is yours to give, and in giving it you assert your superiority over the one forgiven, taking back our power. I don't think we can escape suffering, nor should we want to. Life is what it is: a blend of joy and sorrow, happiness and horror. And that's something forgiveness won't change but it sure can free us from living in sorrow, giving us a chance to enjoy more moments of joy.

As I've gotten older, I have really tried to live a very positive life. And sometimes that is hard too but you just push through and believe that you are doing your mind, body and soul some good. Shut out all the negativity, then forgiving can be a little easier.

I'm trying to live high on forgiveness. I'm doing it in these denim raw hem wide leg crop jeans and this asymmetric-shoulder striped top and denim mules. I hope that I have inspired you to forgive someone today. 

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day. See you next time.

Debbie Jones