Hello Highlites. I hope you guys are having a wonderful day. I'm doing well. Have you guys ever been disappointed with something not turning out the way you would have hoped or in someone or even in yourself?

I was in a disappointing rut at one time because something didn't work out the way I thought a particular situation should have. Disappointment is a fact of life. And if you don't handle it, discouragement and devastation are never far away. 

When there is disappointment, especially in ourselves other things can follow, such as stress, deep emotional hurt, frustrations, that's why we must know how to handle the small daily disappointments and keep them in perspective.

Sometimes things really don't work out the way we feel or wish that it would. Disappointment is the feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectation and hope. There is a saying that my husband always says to me "If there is no expectation, there will be no disappointments." And how true is that?

We can get disappointed about so many things such as, not getting the job that we wanted, not losing the amount of weight we expected after being on a diet for 30 days, or how about, not gaining as many followers on social media. And what about those times you didn't get that raise on your job after your boss gave you a pat on the back and said "Good job" but none followed.

Those are breakdowns that we have to learn to handle and move on to the next moment, the next day.

But one thing that hasn't been disappointing is these cute jumpers that I have been jumping into all summer. So cute and lightweight and easy. I have been living in them. Oh! And the shoes are so cute too, tie-up the legs. Perfect with this outfit. So along with the inspiration of this jumpsuit, I hope I've given someone some inspiration on how to not stress over the small stuff.

Disappointments are not meant to destroy you. They are meant to strengthen you.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. See you next time.

Debbie Jones