Hello beautiful Highlites. I hope everyone is doing well. The heels I'm wearing are a repeat of shoes that I wore in a previous post. I try not to play favorites with my shoes, but I have some shoes that I wear a lot and some that I hardly wear. 

I paired them with the oh so cute swing dress. This dress I'm wearing two different ways, one way just simple flare dress and simple accessories and the other way; belted with a wide belt.

Adding a belt to a simple dress is a great way to change the silhouette or add a sparkle to it. A belt can be used to define the waist, hide those pesky extra pounds. This simple accessory can be used to glam up a plain dress or to add a casual feel to any ensemble.

Choosing a belt that contrasts the dress is best for drawing attention to the waist. I'm a pretty big fan of wearing belts with dresses. But don't just limit yourself to wearing a belt over a dress. Try belting a blazer or a longline cardigan or over your favorite top.

I hope I've given you such high confidence to belt up. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Debbie Jones