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Hello Highlites. I hope everyone is doing well.

Not only are the bell sleeves back, but so are the bell bottom pants. I feel like such a hippie in this outfit but I love the vibe. When most people see this look, they immediately think retro. These pants take me back to the groovy days. The days of the 70s & 80's, The Brady Bunch, Sonny and Cher, the disco days.

I came across these pants by chance but I knew I had to have them. They have a high waist and I love the fit. If you want to get out of your skinny pants for a day the bell bottom is the look to try.

For some reason, platforms are my shoe of choice when I wear a flare leg or bell bottom pants. It's like a match made in style heaven. Plus, the look creates a long lean look to your body.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day

Debbie Jones