Hello wonderful Highlites. I'm Back! OMG! I have had the most stressful two months ever. It even turned me to drinking ... Coffee that is! And what's funny is I don't even like or drink coffee. But I'm back to doing one of the things I love.

I hope you've been good. I have been studying for a test for a new position on my job. Spending every waking moment to review notes. And I'm not a very good test taker. I'm one of those people that hear the word "test" and clam up, can't think and lose focus.

There was sleepless nights, crying days--just a stressful life behind this test that I so desperately wanting to pass. Unfortunately, I didn't pass the test but if I tell you it was a lift off my shoulder when it was all over because I had dedicated so much of my time for this TEST.

I don't remember having any laughter during this time. But I don't think I want to go through anything else so stressful that changes the character of me so much. And at the end I realized that this test that I studied so hard for, this position wasn't in God's plan for me to have. I truly believe that it's something within my job that He wants me to have and He will make it much easier to get.

As for this outfit? During one of my study sessions, I stopped by Starbucks for a taste of something sweet to pick me up. And what's better than black-and-white gingham and an off-the-shoulder top? I finished the look with a pair of pearl-embellished strappy sandals. 

It's true what they say: Thank God I don't look like what I've been through. :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day. Oh, and thanks for reading my bittersweet story.

Debbie Jones