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Hello highlites. Hope everyone is doing good. Today I'm wearing faux leather harem pants with a tucked in graphic t shirt and a denim duster. The harem pants are originally known as Hammer pants since rapper MC Hammer popularized them a few decades ago.

Harem pants is casual yet it can be very versatile to wear.  You may think that because the silhouette is very slouchy and loose that it will not be good bottoms to pair up with a top that is sleek and modern. But I think harem pants can be paired so many different ways with so many different looks.

A simple pair of black harem pants is without any doubt a huge investment to add to your wardrobe. It was so windy today you couldn't really see the slouchyness and drop crotch because they were sticking to my body.

But they are such a comfortable pair of pants, giving you a laidback relaxed feel. So sitting around home watching movies or going out to movies, harem pants would be a very good pick. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day.

Debbie Jones