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Photo Mar 30, 5 29 40 PM.jpg

Hello beautiful highlites. I hope everyone had a good weekend.

It's Monday! I know most people don't really look forward to Monday. It seems like the weekend goes way too fast. 

But I look at it as a new start. It's a new week. New doors, new breaks, new blessings, all happening with the start of a new Monday. And I'm starting this one off with a corset belt, an accessory every woman needs in her closet.

And since it's a big trend for spring, you can buy it now and wear it now. You'll want to cinch them over everything: Lightweight jackets, dresses, pants, jumpsuits, white button down shirt, and even blazers. The options are virtually endless.

The corset belt draws attention to the waist, giving a fresh, even feminist, twist to the innerwear-as-outerwear trend. Today I wore my corset belt with a black top and a pair of black culottes/petal pushers, (there are so many names for the pants).

The corset belt is being put to new uses that have little to do with bedroom antics or dress-up eveningwear and everything to do with upping your day game up a notch or two. So if you haven't already gotten one, run now to purchase one. Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic Monday.

Debbie Jones