Hello beautiful Highlites. I hope everyone is doing well. I'm loving everything with ruffles these days. Look no further than these cute shoes for proof. When I saw this shoes I knew I had to have them.

I'm not the one that spend a lot of money on shoes. I like shoes way too much to spend hundreds of dollars on one pair of shoes. I think a $50 or a $100 pair of shoes wear just as well as a $400 pair. I like what I like. Don't get me wrong: I'll spend a little bit more if I really like the shoes are screaming my name, and if I feel that I can't live without them (or should I say if my closet can't live without them).

I'm definitely a shoe lover. The questions that I always get is "How do you walk in those" and "How many pairs of shoes do you own"? My answer to the first question is "I just do it. I was born to wear heels'. I've worn heels as far as I can remember--five years old to be exact, walking around in my plastic heels. And the answer to the second question, way too many to count.

I like shoes that are different and that most women won't wear. Some people think they can tell my personality by my shoes. I just have a love for shoes, I'm not trying to say if I'm a introvert or extrovert, or even say what my personality is. I don't really care for flats. I don't own many pair. I just started to put a few flats in my closet.

But these heels are going right along with the trend that's out now: the ruffles. I'm seeing all things ruffles and I'm liking them. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

Debbie Jones