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Hello beautiful Highlites. The other night while my husband and I were out to eat, we had a discussion about the T-shirt dress I was wearing.

He initially felt uncomfortable with me wearing it out in public because he misunderstood the message. He thought I was saying I only like black people. With all that is going on in the world, he suggest I probably shouldn't wear it out. 

I told him although I'm very proud of the skin I'm in, but my dress doesn't have ANY racial undertones. In fact, I want to be a solution to the problems we are having in this world. My dress was only a fashion statement.

Black really is my favorite color. Doesn't matter if it's head-to-toe or combined with other colors. My all-time favorite combo is black and white.

As we ended our discussion that night, he apologized to me. He wondered how he could think I meant something divisive with a heart as loving as mine. He was even a little embarrassed because he felt like he didn't know fashion as much as he thought he did. (He has a pretty good eye for fashion, for the record.)

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by.

Debbie Jones