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Hello Highlites. This dress is so vintage. I purchased it at one of my local upscale resale shops. I'm always shopping around at my local resale shops and I love thrift shopping, especially on Saturday morning after I've worked out.

I go as early as possible when no one else is there yet. I can shop in peace, take my time without people stepping all over you, grabbing your stuff out of your basket while you're in the dressing room trying on clothes. That makes me so mad!

I also stop once during the week like a Wednesday or Thursday, that's when I find my most treasured things. I love dresses and skirts so that's usually the first things I run to when I go.

The fun thing about thrift shopping is wearing an outfit and my friends give me so many compliments then I tell them where it's from they can't believe it,  And then strangers give you the best compliments and they have no idea where I got it from. I get so high off of that. I love it. 

I will talk more on my thrifting technique and strategy on a later day, Thanks for stopping by and have a good day.

Debbie Jones