Hello beautiful Highlites. The pleated skirt has change from the days our grandmother wore them and from the days that the schoolgirl wore them. The pleated skirt has made a comeback.

The comeback is a little bit more grown-up and a lot more modern. All the many ways you can wear the pleated skirts and there are so many different styles that the pleated skirt comes in.  

There are the long flowing maxi pleated style, the midi style, and the short style. Coming in many different fabrics such as leather, wool, sheer, metallic to name a few.

There are so many tops that you can pair with the pleated skirt, some like to wear the skirt with a more fitted type of top, or you can wear with a boxy style top if it is a flowing maxi skirt. Or you can pair your skirt with a crisp collar button down.

However you decide to wear it, it is sure to be a hit, so rock it baby! My skirt is made of sheer fabric paired with an off the shoulder top. 

Thanks for stopping by and have good day.


Debbie Jones