Hello Highlites. Stopped in the supermarket to pick up a few of my favorite things, such as apples, bananas, kale, grapes and water. I was completely out of those items.

Four years ago I decided to change my eating habits to a more healthy way. I eliminated pork and beef out of my diet. I eat very little bread and fried foods. 

When I decided to make the change I did research on healthy eating and found out that women following a low-fat diet, who were allowed to fill up on all the fruit and vegetables they wanted lost 23% more weight than women on a low-fat diet alone. So my snacks are usually fruit, it tends to fill you up without eating a lot of calories. 

Grocery shopping isn't one of my favorite things but when I can dress up in an outfit so trendy like these floral wide leg pants that makes it all more fun. I like wide leg pants, the wider the better. Never going wrong with a denim jacket and a pair of heels of course.



Debbie Jones