Happy New Year!!!!!

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Hello beautiful Highlites and Happy New Year to you all. Husband and I stayed in last night but I still wanted to get all dolled up for him since we were celebrating new beginnings.

2017 seemed to have been a long stressful year, though it also came and went so quick. I bought the dress I'm wearing above this past summer. It was on a clearance rack of one of my local boutiques. It was perfect for last night.

I'm hoping that 2018 is going to a good year for us all. I have some new things planned for the blog. I hope to post more and have more meaningful subjects to touch on. I'm very excited about my blog. 

Last night, hubby and I discussed what we thought 2018 would be for us and what we needed to do this year that we didn't do last year to make our year a little more prosperous. We always plan our year out on New Year's Eve.

So I have lots of things that I'm excited about. It's going to be a marvelous year. I would like to take this time to thank all my followers for taking the time to read my blog. Love you guys and make it a great day. 


Debbie Jones