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Hello beautiful Highlites, I hope everyone is doing well, finishing up with Christmas shopping. As for me, I'm doing good–all finished with my shopping. My grandchildren are so excited they're counting their presents under the tree every time they visit. :)

OK, about my favorite, number-one go-to throw-on outfit for winter: It's the black turtleneck. I have about 10 different style black turtlenecks in my closet. I love them. It's the most thing I look forward to wearing when the weather changes to cold.

Black turtlenecks are the perfect union between utility and style. I have so many black turtlenecks that I have broken them down to three categories: staying-in turtlenecks, leaving-the-house turtlenecks, and going-out turtlenecks.

I have many other colors of turtlenecks but the black one is by far my favorite. I like the way pairing it with a pair of jeans look so chic and classy. Simplicity is the game when going out to eat with the hubby, going out with friends, shopping or just hanging out at home on a lazy weekend afternoon.

In the pictures above I have paired the black turtleneck with a pair of jeans and of course black classic pumps. What is your favorite simple go-to outfit? 

Thanks for stopping and have a good day. See you next time.

Debbie Jones