Hey Highlites. How is everyone? I hope everyone is doing awesome. I'm well and getting better by the day. Taking it one day at a time. The outfit I'm wearing in the photos above includes pieces from all my closets (yes, plural!). And these gorgeous booties? Purchased last year, and finally wearing them for the first time. 

Well Highlites, October is finally here. This time a year a lot of people are rearranging their closets putting away spring/summer clothes to make room for the fall/winter things. I've started to declutter my house, my closets, my extra rooms. I'm thinking if I can remove chaos from my closets, my life won't seem so cluttered.

We didn't have a very cold fall/winter season last year, and our cold weather comes so late in the year I didn't get a chance to wear everything but I bet I will this year. And since I have so many leftovers from last year that's going to help me save money also.

Usually, I give clothes away to family members or hold onto things that I think is going to come back in style in a year or two but anything that I haven't worn in a year is OUT of here, The more I hold on to items the harder it is to part from it. 

I'm hoping to have a garage sale in the next few weeks, that way I can nip two birds with one stone. I can get rid of stuff and in the same time make money while doing it. I know a lot of people use the spring time to declutter and re-organize their lives. Which makes a lot of sense, that's why it's called spring cleaning but I didn't think about it in spring but I guess any time is better than no time. I call it reset and declutter your life. So here are some steps to declutter:

1. Set Goals - Write down of all the rooms and clutter spots you want to tackle. Decide which room is in need of declutter first, Do each room at a time. Set completion dates. In addition to dates, also the amount of time, such as hours you want spend in each room.

2. Create a sorting system - do the three box method. Keep, Get Rid Of, Storage

3. Get Rid of the Clutter - Recycle, Donate, Have Garage Sale, Rent Dumpster

4. Decide what to keep and throw away - See if it works, Think of the last time it was used, Ask yourself if you love it and then Sleep On It.

5.  Organize - Purchase different size bins, Sort everything by bins, Move the items you are not keeping out of the house, Keep like things together, Label boxes and bins, Store them away.

6. Declutter for good - Don't allow potential clutter into the house, Declutter a little each day, Use the one in one out rule. Don't buy, Rent or borrow.

7. Embrace imperfection - Don't let perfect become the enemy of better. You will make progress maybe not the first time because the clutter will not be removed all at once. But in just a few short weeks (or even days) you will begin to feel different about your home. You will feel like a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders. It won't be perfect, but it will be better and that's the best we can all expect. 

I hope these 7 steps to decluttering any space in your house will help you. Thanks Highlites for stopping by and have a good day, See you next time.


Debbie Jones